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- Introduce yourself: m kkjnkjnkjnjkjknjkjnkjn

- Interests: yiihuuiyihuiihuihu

Brief: kevinr

Age: 56

Gender: Female

Address: kjnooooijojioi, Tuvalu,

Education: MA/MS/MBA

Occupation: iiiiuhiuh

Marriage: Single

Height: (198cm)

Hair color: White/gray

Eyes color: Green

Body type: Large

Religion: Spiritual

Smoking: Cigar/pipe smoker


Have children: No

Want children: Want

kevinr, Looking for


Want to find: Male, From 20 to 41

Your purpose:

Education: MA/MS/MBA

Marriage: Divorced

Height: From (163cm) to (218cm)

Body type: Large

Religion: Spiritual

Smoking: Non-smoker

Drinking: Not drink at all



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